Industrial Engineer with expertise in Supply Chain and Sourcing Management

Hong Kong, Hong-Kong
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His background

  • Today
    February 2012

    Trims and Furniture Manager

    Devanlay Lacoste Hong Kong

    Team: 7 people, located in Shanghai

    - Trims Purchasing -
    Sourcing of trims for the Lacoste garments Asia production.
    Secure procurement flows and inventory of the Lacoste’s logos.
    Improve the labels supply by implementing a unique service provider for the region.

    - Furniture and Point-Of-Sales Materials Asian Sourcing -
    Sourcing of furniture and Point-Of-Sales (POS) materials.
    Extend the suppliers panel to increase competition and optimize costs.
    Ensure the compliance of furniture and POS sales with Lacoste’s standards.
    Control the quality level to assist the retail excellence achievement.

    - Asia Licensees Support -
    Develop a Support Service for the Lacoste Asian Production Licensees.
    Provide the Lacoste’s styles technical specifications.
    Define the best procurement solution for their trims and fabrics.
    Verify the respect of Lacoste’s conditions, in term of quality level, social compliance and Lacoste’s logos inventory.
  • Today
    February 2011

    Business Analyst

    - Supply Chain and Organization Processes Audits - Perform selective audits in several areas includi

    - Key Performance Indicators, Dashboards and Reporting -
    Implement dashboards in several departments (logistics, purchasing, quality control…).
    Reengineer of delivery Key Performance Indicators and reports.
    Animate the reporting for Asian platform, head management and shareholders.

    - Supply Chain Management and Planning -
    Analyse forecasts to anticipate activity peaks and smooth the workload.
    Conduct Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) meetings.
    Control consistency of production plan, suppliers and logistics resources capacity plan.

    - Asian Labels Standardization Project Management -
    Define standard labels for Asia area, complying with legal and distribution constraints.
    Make a call for tenders to find a unique label provider offering integrated services.
    Implement an order management system synchronized with the corporate ERP.
    Deploy an ordering web interface to 40 Asian suppliers.
  • Today
    January 2011
    October 2009

    Supply Chain Engineer

    Devanlay Lacoste Shanghai

    - Supply Chain and Organization Processes Audits -
    Perform selective audits in several areas including supply chain, logistics, supplier management and quality.
    Propose solutions and tools to improve procedures efficiency and performance.

    - Supplier Relationship Management -
    Implement the supplier qualification process and documents.
    Design a tool evaluating the suppliers’ performance (Excel VBA).
    Regularize suppliers’ contracts, and social and environmental compliance certificates.
    Design and implement a production incidents reporting workflow in SharePoint.
  • Today
    May 2009
    October 2007

    Supply Chain and Project Management Engineer

    501-1000 employees

    Projet SIFLE, Simulation of Logistics Flows in Maintenance Centers
    SNCF (French national railway company)
    From January 2009 to May 2009
    Audit the logistic flows in the train maintenance centres (national roll-out in 26 centres all over France).
    Model the current situation in ExtendSim, and simulate new organizations scenario to define an optimal solution.

    Project Management Support
    Renault Trucks Défense
    From October 2007 to January 2009
    Develop, install and animate project management tools (cost control, planning, technical issues follow-up).
    Assist the project managers by monitoring the action plans and coordinating the prototype parts stock.
  • Today
    July 2007
    February 2007

    Internship - Initialization of the ERP Implementation

    ISA France SAS

    Audit the decision process.
    Collect production key-data.
    Develop a planning tool (Excel VBA) and train the final users.
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Industrielles et des Mines

    - Industrial Project Development
    - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    - Product and Process Design
    - Business Management
  • Today
    August 2006
    May 2006

    Internship - Reengineering of the Core-Business Process


    Redefine the physical and information flows by creating job descriptions and procedures, and organizing the shared network.
    Set up inventory and quality management tools.
    Design a CRM model (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Today
    August 2005
    May 2005

    Internship - Stock accuracy project

    Bosch Rexroth DSI SAS

    Support new process execution by auditing production lines, creating tailored forms, and training workers to ERP (SAP).

His skills

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Project Management
  • VBA
  • Supply chain
  • SCM
  • Project
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Lean
  • Engineer

His languages

  • French
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • Chinese
  • German

    His hobbies

    Photography Theatre Drums Snowboard

    His keywords

    engineerlogisticsSCMprojectleanmanufacturingsupply chainhong kong

    About him

    As an industrial engineer, I have been working at Devanlay-Lacoste for 3 years, supporting the expansion of its Asian Sourcing Platform (from 4 millions units per year in 2009, to 11 millions for 2012).

    Firstly located in Shanghai, then in Hong Kong, I supervised transverse projects aiming to settle sustainable methods and processes in multiple fields, such as supply chain, planning, KPI, sourcing and suppliers relationship. Reporting to the Asian Sourcing CEO, I have been acting as the link between the local operational teams, and the head management and project teams in France.

    I'm now looking for new challenges in Asia Pacific, extending my expertise in supply chain and sourcing management by leading innovative projects.

    I would be pleased to meet you in order to describe my experiences and motivations with more details, and to discuss your company's job opportunities.

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